Thomas Harford

About Thomas Harford

Thomas Harford was born in Boston, MA. Thomas Harford’s mother, Angela, and his father, Tom, met as graduate students at Boston University. Tom Harford has three siblings: Phil, Jennifer, and John. While at a young age, the family relocated to Washington, DC, where Tom Harford’s father went to work for the federal government, resulting in a long and distinguished career as a senior executive at NIH.

Thomas Harford developed an early interest in theater as a teen and eventually went on to study with the fabled acting teacher, Sanford Meisner, at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater in New York City. 

Tom Harford worked professionally Off-Broadway and regionally in theater and dance before returning to academic studies, ultimately earning a Ph.D. in English Literature. Thomas Harford continued to work in higher education as both a teacher and administrator, eventually moving to his own consulting practice, specializing in learning solutions for organizations and individuals.

An avid martial arts enthusiast, Tom Harford has been a dedicated practitioner for over 40 years.

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