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Former Columbia Dean Thomas Harford

Former Columbia Dean Thomas Harford: Every Business Needs Learning Solutions

Former Columbia dean Thomas Harford’s passion for how people learn has made him an expert in creating learning solutions for businesses. Your company can benefit from his decades of experience in academia as well as consulting. is the consulting firm he founded and leads. His success speaks volumes on how he can work with individuals as well as a large Fortune 500 company toward the best learning solutions.

Former Columbia Dean Thomas Harford of

Columbia Dean Thomas HarfordThrough this entity, former Columbia dean Thomas Harford provides academic coaching, learning solutions for organizations, as well as public speaking coaching and seminars. With 25 years of management and teaching experience in both private and public higher education, including Columbia University, City University of New York, The New School, and NYU-Polytech, Thomas Harford’s work has focused on: academic advising; learning outcomes assessment; academic support and learning initiatives; academic program design and development (online, hybrid and face-to-face); international partnerships; student life and alumni affairs; admissions, recruitment and marketing; and teaching. He has worked with clients from every background and level: undergraduates, graduate/professional students, returning students and career changers, teachers, veterans, artists, managers, and executives.

Former Columbia dean Thomas Harford understands that acquiring and utilizing knowledge is key throughout our lives, and he utilizes his expertise whether he is assisting students through the academic coaching arm of Mind Revise or investing in a large corporation’s learning strategy.

Former Columbia dean Thomas Harford of believes learning is a life-long process.

Being able to bring learning solutions to his clientele is possible because former Columbia dean Thomas Harford continues to learn and explore new horizons. His doctoral studies in English inspired his continued interest in the benefits of narrative practice and strategic storytelling, and he remains actively engaged in the latest research on the art and science of human learning. Previous to his academic career, he worked as a professional actor. He still carries a fascination with performance, public speaking and creativity, and enjoys sharing those insights and cultivating those skills in his clients.

Former Columbia dean Thomas Harford believes that learning solutions are imperative for every business.

Cultivating a learning mindset at your organization–whether large or small–will help it continuously evolve. Learning is constant and necessary for every facet of individual and organizational evolution.

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