Thomas Harford

Former Columbia Dean Tom Harford Provides Unique Academic Coaching Services

Tom Harford, Ph.D. and former dean of Columbia University, has launched academic coaching services through Mind Revise Consulting. Academic coaching differs significantly from tutoring. Tom Harford doesn’t teach a lesson; his services address underlying issues that impact a student’s learning. Academic coaches like former Columbia dean Tom Harford search for ways to remove barriers blocking a student’s success.

Tom Harford and Mind Revise Consulting

Mind Revise Consulting included academic coaching as a service option to fill a gap in higher education. Tutoring is often a short-term solution. Students learn a lesson and require indefinite services to remain competitive in their studies. In comparison, academic coaching from Tom Harford uses strategies to stay better organized and on task. Instead of improving in math, for instance, students increase their skill set in all educational disciplines. Mind Revise Consulting chose to extend academic coaching services to provide one-on-one support to those who need to develop better study skills. Clients don’t come to Tom Harford for tutoring in one subject; most students who require academic coaching lack global competencies such as excellent oral communication or information retention.

Former Columbia Dean Tom Harford’s Methodologies

Tom Harford understands that all learners have distinct characteristics. Unlike tutoring franchises, he doesn’t believe that each student learns in the same manner. Instead of wasting valuable time on the repetition of facts, Tom Harford assesses each client to determine strengths and weaknesses. Is time management a struggle? Does the student struggle with decision making? Once Tom Harford sets goals with a client, he works with the student to improve performance in the learning process. Tom Harford personalizes goals while working with learners from all backgrounds, including undergraduate students and top business executives. Tom Harford also specializes in working with students from disadvantaged backgrounds. His experience includes the development of educational programs for those who are incarcerated or recently paroled.

Students working with Tom Harford don’t excel in just one subject area. Mind Revise Consulting aims to see a marked improvement in all areas of academia. With academic coaching, executive function skills improve. Students feel empowered by learning a skill set that helps them excel at school for the long-term.

Dr. Thomas HarfordTom Harford’s Background

Former Columbia dean Tom Harford has the credentials to help his academic coaching clients achieve success. With over 25 years of educational experience in both the public and private sectors, Tom Harford has worked with diverse populations. Along with mainstream learners, Tom Harford has developed learning programs for special education students with challenges such as ADHD, dyslexia, and executive function disorders. Along with academic coaching, Mind Revise Consulting provides learning and e-learning solutions for individuals and organizations.

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