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How Companies Can Embrace eLearning, Tom Harford Explains

Companies across every industry look to keep employees trained and up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques within their field. Quality training and education is also considered a top benefit for employees to have. eLearning can offer a wide array of benefits, and Tom Harford, a consultant that focuses on innovative learning explains how companies can make the most of it.

Tom Harford spent decades as a teacher and administrator. Finally, he realized that his true passion was helping others to decide how they were best going to learn a particular subject. It’s when he chose to become a consultant, focusing on eLearning.

As former Columbia Dean Tom Harford explains, one of the main reasons to engage in eLearning is because of the options that it allows. Particularly within the workforce, many employees don’t have the ability to take an entire day off for training. It slows down productivity. Further, it can be difficult to follow along when training seems to go on and on.

eLearning can be done from anywhere. As long as there is an internet connection, an employee can log in and take the course. In some instances, the instruction is pre-recorded. In other instances, the instructor is live, making it possible to have a Q&A session with those who are taking the course. Former Columbia Dean Tom Harford explains that employees can choose to take the training from their office, within a training room, or even at home.

When eLearning is used by companies, it can make it easier for employees to truly grasp the material. Tom Harford is quick to remind employers that everyone learns in different ways and at different paces. It only makes sense to make eLearning regularly available. Employees may choose to watch the course a second time. It can also be a way for employees to go back and rewatch segments after they have had some hands-on experience with what they have been learning about.

Hiring an instructor to present material for a day can be expensive and ineffective. What happens when an employee is out sick that day? What happens when an employee has too many questions? The problems can go on and on, and former Columbia Dean Tom Harford has seen many of these issues first-hand.

Regardless of what a company wants to teach its employees, there are eLearning opportunities that are available. It’s all about realizing that learning over the computer is going to be the best option to ensure that everyone can learn in a way that works for them. Tom Harford recommends that a company sit down with a consultant to explore the eLearning methods that can work best given the subject, the amount of time that is available to work with, and more.

In the end, Tom Harford believes that eLearning can work for any employee.

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